Posted by: okathleen | May 10, 2008


Do we not all agree to call rapid thought and noble impulse by the name of inspiration?
George Eliot

Thinking of ideas and themes and threads to investigate and research is an intriguing process. My mind wanders, well, the motion and process of thought is less of a wander and more like a fairground ride I saw last week. ‘The Octopus’, spinning, reeling, arms flung out, then pulled back in, jerky, weaving, out of control. Passengers with eyes firmly shut, some screaming, some laughing, others just stare, counting the seconds until they can escape.

Rapid thoughts and flickering impulses which have to be nurtured and pruned and trained. Scary.



  1. ‘Nurturing’ and ‘pruning’ – yes. I’m preparing for a workshop I’m leading next week at the Fac. conference and working up the metaphor of blogging as gardening. Wrong time of year I know (my onions are coming on a dream!) but it’s all about the soil – getting the nutrients in to allow the plants to emerge. Imperceptible growth for so many months and then … flowers, courgettes, potatoes, …

    You’re now on the blogroll over at

  2. Can you train thoughts or is it self dicipline not to express the thoughts ?
    Is that the same and knowing the difference from right and wrong ?
    I love the metaphor of the fairground ride…Ive always seen thoughts as fireworks (blame the media). Where do thoughts escape to ?

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