Posted by: okathleen | October 12, 2008

Eat my shorts – feed my soul…

Today it was the turn of my daughter to be dragged unwillingly around something she wouldn’t ordinarily contemplate.

Lyme Park was the setting for a trial Duke of Edinburgh walk. It was uncannily hot. We had far too many layers on. We stomped from check point to check point, and it wasn’t until we sat down and took a refreshment break that I saw the bigger picture. The girls had chosen the ‘Lantern’, as our lunch destination. A stone built folly thrusting phallically from a hill opposite the manor house. The view made me quiet. Miles and miles of misty mellow plains. Legoland structures and cows and honey coloured light. According to local legend, ie the wisdom of a kindly National Trust volunteer; if the family could see the Lantern from the dining room at breakfast, all was right with the world and hunting could commence. If the hill was hidden by fog or cloud, hunting was delayed. The distance from mansion to folly being equal to the range of arrowhead to deer.

It fed my soul. The walk/view/weather/surrounds left me with an improved sense of being – a sort of ‘all is right with the world’ feeling. My bubble burst the second we descended into the car park. Throngs of people, an ice cream van, and men in high visibility jackets herding the masses just shattered my je ne sais quoi.

Why? How?


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