Posted by: okathleen | November 3, 2008

 Stress lecture:

How are ideas translated into changes in the body? Lovallo page 119 – … our ability to interpret our world and to invest that interpretation with personal meaning and emotion have a direct and powerful effect on the body….. psychological stress is accompanied by negative emotions and associated behaviours, inc depression, hostility, anger and aggression…. related to immune system function and health outcomes. … hence, catch sight of something beautiful, listen to music, read a poem, serotonin rush, ding dong.

Some literature re autoethnographical study:

A tradition with the Humanities that might be related is Flaneur-ing? Baudelaire, Georg Simmel, and Walter Benjamin are examples
who have adopted this tradition of ‘walking through landscapes’.

Ellis & Bochner have written a great deal on autoethnography. Norman Denzin and his collaborator have done so also. Denzin is
also the editor of the journal ‘Qualitative Enquiry’ in which a great deal of work in this genre is published. Personally, I
think Carolyn Steadman’s ‘A landscape for a good woman’ (old but still poignant); Liz Stanley’s ‘The Autobiographical I’, and
anything by Carolyn Ellis, and Laurel Richardson. in the meantime, you might want to take a look at Banks & Banks. The link on Amazon is:



  1. You might want to hook up with Michael Anten. His post here ( suggests you are exploring similar methodological ground.

  2. Hi Clive,

    Thanks for that, it’s where I got the notion of auto ethno in the first place, it would be helpful if more of our contemporaries were prepared to share/blog/contribute

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