Posted by: okathleen | November 9, 2008

The Dissertation Desk

Had positive meeting with Eric my supervisor discussing my proposal, and literature to chomp through. This followed a chat with Clive – also constructive, if not contradictory and therefore confusing. Clive thinks I should begin my diss with a question in mind, which will make me focus down, but Eric thinks my question will follow my research. Both agree that I should continue my journey in academia, and my Indy Study should reflect this, with my research perhaps a precursor to any MA Phd.

Left Eric’s with poetry of Wallace Stevens, and a sad heart. The passion and intensity of the verse pressing buttons for us both. Left also with slapped wrist from appalling use of cliche which must cease forthwith. The cliche is dead long live novel metaphors etc etc. RESERVE:

The Renaissance – Walter Pater – art for art’s sake (cliche), and intensity of feeling and vision in itself is good. The gallery is not just to preserve/conserve, but as therapeutic role?

End Game – Beckett, Kant – Critique of Judgement (Scruton), Schiller – German Enlightenment,

Roger Fry – Essay in Aesthetics, Art in Theory, Harrison and Wood, Kenneth Clarke – Landscape in Art,

The Kingdom of Infinite Space – Tallis, Ted Hughes – The Thought Fox.

Eric also suggested do not make film, but maybe include photos. Do not put too much pressure on for fear of squashing any creative flow which may lurk.

Clive showed me how to link blogs, and encouraged me to begin networking for studentship…

BUT, can I start  without my dissertation desk? Like – who do I think I am!! Have seen an Art Nouveau bureau with heart shaped smiley copper handles and tatty brown leather, and now harbour romantic notions of writing joint Orange/Booker prize sitting at it. The kitchen table just won’t do. BUT, once I have the desk, then I need the pen. Displacement displacement!


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