Posted by: okathleen | December 15, 2008

All Change

Encouraging. I am wandering, on my little journey, along a crisp narrow path, like Striding Edge. Deep cuts to either side.

Encouraged. My writing wasn’t rubbished, I shall adjust and edit and refine. A constant process of adaption and re-invention.

Lots of reading. Poets; Robinson and Browning and Dickinson and Hopkins.

I LIVED on dread; to those who know
The stimulus there is
In danger, other impetus
Is numb and vital-less.

As ‘t were a spur upon the soul, 5
A fear will urge it where
To go without the spectre’s aid
Were challenging despair.

A change in direction, a detour off the narrow path into the unknown. Not a leap off a precipice, but stop and consider why? Poems and prose and images of objects. Things. Links to a past and medals for a future.

The cake slices and cut glass jugs and china plates and soup ladles and damaged detritus of  another era. Buried treasure wrapped in a newspaper from years ago. A bond, a sense of temps perdu. Perhaps.

6 poems x objects

6 poems x paintings

images and film. Get busy.

Next Saturday I go to London. Charles is home from his University skiing trip, although high winds in the Alps have scuppered most of the action. Imagine, 190 students in an Alpine village near you.

So Eli and I will collect him and have a little jolly. The Serpentine has a contemporary view of India, and I’d like to do Portobello Market again, although Eli would probably rather boil his head.

Twelth Night and Derek Jacobi is also on my wish list, but maybe next time…

And since even Sothebys closes for Christmas I may have to get my fix across the road in Leviev. There’s no harm in looking, and it’s free. And it’s all in the name of research. For the greater good, although Leviev behind the scenes of ice ice baby, it is rumoured, is quite unpc.

Mary Nagle would love it though. I blame her. She adored her bling, and sported two or three knuckle dusters, and would make quite a show of draping her hand across her face,  just so you couldn’t miss it.

‘Does your mother like fish?’ she would lilt mysteriously, whilst over egging the lighting of a very long cigarette.

Jewels flashing on hands. Blood money.


Leviev are known for their incredible selection of diamonds used in their jewelry, this unique diamond ring is no different. The centerpiece is a 50.06 cushion cut diamond which is internally flawless and colorless (Grade D). The diamond is set in a fine platinum setting featuring 1.38 carats of pavé diamonds. This one of a kind ring is only available by order directly from either the Leviev store on Bond Street in London or the one on Madison Avenue in New York.


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