Posted by: okathleen | January 1, 2009


The fact that D day now looms close is pressing down on the crown of my head like a mini planet fallen through the atmosphere. Sinking feeling spinning out of control.

I haven’t yet filled in my module choices. I was holding back, hedging in order to see how Experimental Film panned out, pardon the pun. So far 8 lectures of waffle does nothing to raise my hopes. We have no notes, no bibliography, and really very little idea of what exactly Experimental Film is… I had kept in reserve my Work Placement, but have yet to complete 60 hours at Salford Museum.

We tried to do a little editing in the Media Suite, but of the 4 machines set up with the new software, only 2 worked. Not really very encouraging or inspiring. We have no manual for the software, no notes, or instruction tips, and our Lecturer does not seem to display much confidence in how to use it. Maybe the Work Placement is the safer option, next week before we go back to Uni might be the time to put in the hours. It’s more relevant to the next chapter anyway, or is it, should my degree be so prescriptive? The obvious answer is no.

What would you do?

Will start today to look at my CI assignment, and print out the guidelines for my Indy Study. Want to feel on top, or at least aware before we start back on 12th Jan.


Eric said practice form. Poetical form. Haiku:

5 -7 -5 or 3-5-3

across the
arroyo, deep scars
of a joy ride

sad fog falls/on white frost fields/brown bird squats

girl meets boy/sad hurts her pale eyes/car crash tv

in the fridge/camembert sweats/sings and sighs

two fat slobs/darts on the telly/arrows fly

high on life/my son scowls at me/through pink eyes

last night owl/screeched in small elm tree/scared the pheasant

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