Posted by: okathleen | January 23, 2009

From stuff to grook

Piet Hein wrote grooks:


Our so-called limitations, I believe,
apply to faculties we don’t apply.
We don’t discover what we can’t achieve
until we make an effort not to try.


There was an old woman
who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children.
She didn’t know what to do.
But try as she would
she could never detect
which was the cause
and which the effect.


Some people cower
and wince and shrink,
owing to fear of
what people may think.
There is one answer
to worries like these:
people may think
what the devil they please.


We shall have to evolve
problem-solvers galore –
since each problem they solve
creates ten problems more.

We’re leaving WISDOM
to starve and thirst
when we cultivate
KNOWLEDGE as such.
The very best comes
to the very worst

 Grooks are aphorisms. And Hein’s are very charming indeed. And Hein’s grooks were reached by two or three clicks of the enter button.

My stuff blog is about a beautiful print  I found in a charity shop last month of Egeskov Castle in Denmark:


This is the Castle, and the print is a pen and ink etching of this perspective framed in a simple silver frame with a pale aubergine slip. It is 23 out of 25 of the print run, so really good quality, and is signed in pencil Egeskov Castle, Thomaj(?) 88. It depicts a tranquil and elegant scene. I will come to this later. But on investigation ie, a quick Google, the name Piet Hein appears, a famous architect and scientist and writer, who enjoyed grooks or gruks and wrote one every day for the Danish paper Politiken. He designed amongst other things a super egg or super ellipsoid. A 3 metre high golden super egg stands in the gardens of this castle.

Stuff and grooks and Egeskov. Which I will turn into an aesthetic appraisal re Roger Fry and Kant, but not now because the Police and Amblance are outside, and I have to log off.

So here is a grook for Olga my neighbour (see 101, another post about Olga and her century old identity) who gave up the ghost one hour and thirty minutes ago, and is now, I hope, enjoying some Olympic apres ski in another universe. RIP.


Love while you’ve got
love to give.
Live while you’ve got
life to live.





  1. You are pretty creative! Nice post. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy 2009!

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