Posted by: okathleen | February 2, 2009

To do or not to do…?

‘The answer is a lemon’.

That’s not true, but it is something my Grandmother said if you asked her a question she didn’t know the answer to. The same as ‘Friends in America’, if you asked her what she was thinking about. Mary didn’t have any friends in America, but it shut us up. For a while.

The answer is a snowdrop. (See previous post).


What on earth am I doing anyway, posting riddles and random quotations. There’s work to be done. My to do list could circle Uranus at least three times, and there would still be room for one or two additions. So I’m going to post my to do list, but first I am going to post my what a to do list. A what a to do list is for shirkers and procrastinators. Pretenders like me who would prefer to live in denial of that life where there are bills to be paid, bins to be emptied and Phd proposals to blag, (those are the first three on the to do list). The what a to do list is for dreamers and wannabe dropouts or trillionaires – one day Kathleen, one day – all the power – none of the responsibility…

What a to do:

1 Check the dropout in me wants to flee to Skye and grow raspberries.

2 Then let the trillionaire check and have someone grow the raspberries for me.

3 Have breakfast, first drive 5 miles to favourite bakery to buy fresh and still warm pain au chocolats. Then take 20 minutes to decide which Nespresso flavour, from the new and very unPC Nespresso machine, to imbibe.

4 Open House and Garden Magazine, just arrived in post, whilst simultaneously hiding any brown envelopes, and write down ingredients for Goats Cheese and Asparagus Roulade, which I will never get round to making, but it does look delish. Tell Eli he needs to work harder or we will never have bleached oak floorboards or a Johnny Grey Kitchen.

5 Think about beginning the start of the introductory draft paragraph for next assignment. Two minutes later:

6 Tidy newspapers from weekend, but sidetracked by Travel Section and make a list of possible destinations for 2010.

7 Light a fire.

8 Get logs, but notice tulips about to flower and go in search of garden gloves to move tubs.

9 As Eli is working from home there follows a discussion about lunch. The Bear’s Paw or toasted sandwiches?

10 blahblahblahblah while I stick my head in a bucket of sand big enough to store the Kalahari Desert.


And, I am not even going to think about my to do list because it’s time to go to the Bus Stop to collect Florence.

Another day in paradise and denial.



  1. Hey Okathleen, Love hour blog. Especially this last post appeals to me ;-).
    You asked about my camera. Well I have a Dslr Nikon D40x which is btw discontinued by Nikon and I have a Panasonic point and shooter type TZ5 which I always carry arround. But of course, making nice pics is not a matter of having the right camera but of having the right light.

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