Posted by: okathleen | February 8, 2009

Can objects exist without being known?

There was a young man who said “God

Must think it extremely odd

That the sycamore tree

Continues to be

When there’s no one about in the Quad.”



Do tables and chairs stop being the instant we stop looking at them?



  1. On the question that Okathleen poses,
    the answer nobody knowses.
    For reality
    is unquestionably
    the mystery we all supposes.

  2. you should check out and link to mad kane’s blog–lots of limericks there! (i didn’t see it on your blogroll)

    if you post poetry often, you might also want to ride the monday poetry train!

  3. That would make a nonsense of proprioception, wouldn’t it? When you reach behind you and pick up something you know is there, do you conjure it into being with your fingers?

  4. Possibly bettyslocombe, but I like the idea of Idealism.

    And thus the freedom to drift unconstrained, truth, or Truth evaporates into nothingness.

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