Posted by: okathleen | February 16, 2009

Great Britishness


So what is Britishness?

We have lost our way. Identity crisis. There is no glue. Bind us together with what?

60 million or more individuals all having their own way. No unity, no community. Just me. Not us.

Land of Hope and Glory or chacun a son gout?

My son attended a school, where, on matriculation, he would be ‘colour blind’.

Tosh. Each faith and creed and nation catered for. Muslim assembly, Jewish, Christian, Humanist assembly…

Take your pick.

And my son did. He began to attend Muslim assembly. Ought I be worried?

Nope, Muslim assembly offered breakfast, the only way to a man’s heart/soul/mind.






  1. why you britins are like our almost estranged parent of course!

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