Posted by: okathleen | February 27, 2009

Word of the Day

Today’s word of the day in the Oxford English Dictionary is:


1596 SPENSER Faerie Queene (1933) II. x. 69 At last, quite rauisht with delight, to hear the royall offspring of his natiue land, cryde out. 

My offspring, the eldest, who has sprung off to London, tells me he will spring back again. He is the boomerang generation. Disappearing into the distance at speed, only to return back home eventually.


Spring has sprung here with a vomit of crocus and snowdrops smeared over the lawn.

I sit and gaze at the mess, hoping for inspiration. How to display a selection of worthless random objects in a way which will reflect my psyche.

Suggestions on a postcard please?



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