Posted by: okathleen | March 16, 2009




Shuttlingsloe is the Matterhorn of Cheshire. It is 506 metres above sea level, and a circular walk starting at The Crag car park is 6.5 miles and should take 4 hours.

If felt more like 5006 metres to me and the back of my legs. 

Shuttlingslow or Shuttlingstop might be more appropriate. I insisted we walk, I ranted until we got there, we are sloths, sofa slobs, I need to clear my head and let my creative juices out from under the fug of banality that life just is.


On Saturday I took Flo to Northwich where she still works at the Charity Shop, and I still rifle the shelves in the hope of discovering an Imari Rabbit, or Worcester Eye Bath.

On our return, laden down with Northwich Market green stripy bags full of priceless bijoux, I decided to spend time considering what is next? What to do? Where to go?
I fancy The Visitor Book. And have done for some time. 
Why did you visit the Museum today? What did you think of our Exhibition?
The Museum and Gallery as mirror. As identity. Who am I can be found in the What is this.

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