Posted by: okathleen | March 29, 2009

Do I need a dog?

Florrie on top of the Macclesfield Matterhorn:



Florrie is a little terrier with elegant long legs. She met her owners at a rescue home. She is fond of chewing trainers and eating twigs. Florrie is the pride and joy of my friend, and I am very tempted…

In the Village Store there is an advert for three Jack Russell puppies. What to do? Florrie is always pleased to see me, she eats what is put in front of her without 100 questions, when she’s tired she gets in her basket, and she absolutely does not have/want/need the last bloody word.

Those are the plus points. Against?

I don’t do pets. 



  1. Oh, Kathleen, please don’t make the mistake I did, although I adore dogs. I knew nothing about training them and have had to undo many mistakes. They are wonderful companions, but they need a lot of attention and care. Jack Russells are quite high energy too, I believe. It sounds like Florrie was fairly well trained, with the exception of the chewing.

    Just promise me you’ll read up on what it takes before you make a decision!

  2. Kathleen, hun, if you don’t do dogs, then please, don’t do dogs. Pamela is right, they do need a lot of attention to become like florrie. Plus Lack Russells are terriers, they dig. If you get a dog, it becomes family and you don’t give your kids away because they misbehave, no matter how badly you want to!! *grins*

  3. But they can be such perfectly wonderful best friends who never have a cross word for you and love you unconditionally. They can be trained not to dig and chew and bark and eat books and any other form of misbehavior with just a little teaching. You like to teach, don’t you? They are toasty and snuggly in the winter and they make you get some exercise which is good for you.
    Just be sure to take it to dog school for a round of classes (to train you).

    • Qugrainne… I am very tempted, especially since our move out to the sticks, it’s dog heaven, I will have a big think, my biggest issue is my daughter. She breaks out in hives just hearing a dog bark, she is allergic – hence the goldfish!

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