Posted by: okathleen | March 30, 2009

Clay heads

Mr and Mrs Andrews go wild in the country…




A shepherd and a shepherdess manufactured in Stoke on Trent represent the dreams of thousands.  

The little clay figures huff and puff on either side of the chimney piece.

Glazed over they glare at Dad who sits with the Sporting Life and Mother who sits darning socks.

The little shepherdess has a turned up nose and nurses a tiny lamb. Her skirt is lemon sherbert and raspberry pink.

The little shepherd purses his lips and cradles his hound. His breeches are primrose and peppermint. 

What meaning do these little figures make?

Mam, when she dusts, goes all sentimental and thinks of Gran and the glass cabinet with the bow front.

Dad watches her dust and her backside sway and thinks of the barmaid at The Rose and Crown. 

The little clay figures from Stoke on Trent see all and say nothing and Mam and Dad dream on.











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