Posted by: okathleen | April 1, 2009

Manic mornings

It’s only 7.11am.

The stress levels are soaring. I can feel the ache stretching across my heart.

Flo can’t find any socks. (She knows, and has known for 10 years – always put your uniform out the night before….).

She resorts to tights.

But ohmygodyou’veshrunktheminthewashforgodssake!

Her crumpet gives off acrid smoke from the toaster as she chastises me. Nowlookwhatyou’vemademedo… Idontevenwantanybloodybreakfast…

I rub my eyes and wonder why this laptop constantly drifts in and out of the ether. Stupid to think I could sneak five minutes to send an email without the kitchen imploding.

Ten minutes of my day slipped through the tangled nets of chaotic strife.

Have a nice day.



  1. You have just described my early morning routine, succinctly. This morning, it was my fault that I hadn’t got a pair of ludicrously tight black jeans (how she gets away with wearing them to school is anyone’s guess) ready. This was, in the main, because I hadn’t (a) been asked (b) seen them in about a month.
    I COMPLETELY RUINED HER WHOLE BLOODY DAY (etc, sound of door slamming and house vibrating)

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