Posted by: okathleen | April 2, 2009

Lymm to Dunham


My son is back from Hong Kong brandishing a new camera. 

So at lunch time we walked along the Bridgewater Canal from Lymm to Dunham.

And he took some photographs. 

Moove along

Moove along


Canal to cobbles

Canal to cobbles


Deer, Dunham

Deer, Dunham

 It was a beautiful afternoon and it was a pleasure to chew the cud (sorry – cliche – it’s the cow photo…), with Charles. We discussed his plans after university and interestingly he has asked if he can make a film as part of his dissertation  (that’ll be a no), but I secretly enjoyed the recognition that he might no longer consider my degree so ‘Mickey Mouse’ as he used to, and is looking at visual representation with a new eye!



  1. As a Lymm resident working in Liverpool, I wish I had been back at home on such a wonderfully sunny afternoon.

  2. You may like this one!Best, Frank

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