Posted by: okathleen | April 4, 2009

First past the post:

I’m on Stan at 66/1, but I could have got 100/1 if I’d been able to escape from B&Q earlier.

I had a little punt too on Irish Invader and Cornish Sett.


It’s that hitching of sentimentality to objects, and emotions to memories.

Like the housewife’s choice –  always The Grey… what makes the grey special?

It couldn’t be Benny Hill and the fastest milkcart in the West?



  1. this is why i opted for l’ami (only one apostrophe and one letter different to its fate) as watching the grand national the last few years has been undertaken with friends, with beers, by a river, and this year we are all separated.

    • Pah, Dan, betting is for losers, I might become a bookie instead, as after that result they have all emigrated to St Lucia! But, I’ll still do the Scoop6 tomorrow!

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