Posted by: okathleen | April 15, 2009

Drowning not waving…

Slowly being sucked down and suffocated by a vortex of words and soggy language. 


Sestinas and villanelles have gone from exotic wisps to ugly lumps – curses.

It’s the rhythm and the beat and the form and the pace; all beginning to sound like a death knell, and not the brave shameless pattery banter it should be. 

It’s all about the emphasis you see. The stress and the stresses. 

Stress less. Keep calm, sharpen your pencil, and carry on.



  1. If you can teach me how to write a villanelle, I will be eternally grateful. I wrote an awful clunk of one.

    How does one write an exotic wisp?!? Help!

  2. You two and your poetry – I feel quite worthless in the field. Although I can throw together a mean limerick. With the emphasis on ‘mean’.
    Am liking the look of that bath. Old school. Bit of sheep dip and the kids would be deloused in time for school tomorrow.

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