Posted by: okathleen | April 24, 2009

Dawn o’clock

It’s quite amazing what can get done from the crack of 5am to 7. 

The pheasant croaks (makes funny gargling noise – not expire) at 5 which is as good as having one of those very annoying roosters, and then I creak downstairs to fire myself up with a bucket of caffeine. 

A quick scan of the news and we’re off, tap tap tapping away as the word count slowly increases, it’s like watching the tide come in. As soon as you think you’re getting somewhere that magnetic pull stops and the word count ebbs away as I scrub out cliches and waffle.

I met Eric yesterday, my most eminent Supervisor. At our last meeting, as a passing remark I mentioned that wouldn’t it be lovely to have an exhibition of my work.

Why? Why on earth did I do that. Bonkers. Because, it can’t just be some pieces of A4 printed and tacked onto the tired old walls of the display room. No, it will have to be in the style of Saatchi or Tate, Eric wouldn’t mind, but I would. 

Anyway to cheer us all up, how about this as a theme for my wedding, which will be the next big thing to bore about….–fairytale-wedding-couple-tied-knot-cartoon-ogres-Shrek-Princess-Fiona.html


From this morning’s Daily Moan, and my favourite film. That’s if Eli will still have me following my tantrum after the dressing gown incident…



  1. I completely agree, writing in the morning is amazing! On the (very few) occasions when I have managed to drag myself out of bed at 5am I have really surprised myself with how productive I am. I must try that again sometime…

    A Shrek themed wedding would be brilliant! Or have you seen the film Confetti? There are some good ideas for wedding themes in there too!

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