Posted by: okathleen | May 6, 2009





My film is about to be submitted. It’s about Jock, well actually it’s about my Great Uncle Vincent, an Irish Submariner whose boat – HMS Poseidon was sunk in 1919.

Jock is pictured above. I found this album trawling a flea market. His submarine is called HMS Talents, it was also sunk.

So I made a film about sinking seamen, or should that be sailors? I like to think I made it in the style of Margaret Tait, but I’d be kidding myself.

Tait said:

 ‘if you look

at an object closely enough it will

speak its nature’


her poem films are stupendous. They are fluid and have a measured pace, like ballet shoes. Mine are clunky like Dr Marten lace-ups. It’s that lightness of touch that is lacking (the same one that turns my pastry to gravel?), perhaps that touch is intuitive? Or perhaps as Tait said, if I look a little more closely…

Back to the drawing board Uncle Vinnie…





  1. I don’t know much about male bonding, but………

    in any case surely if you look at an object closely enough it will speak your nature: if it’s clunky, be clunky deftly.

  2. What was your Great Uncle’s name, Vincent what?

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