Posted by: okathleen | September 19, 2009


Am I doing the right thing? What is the right thing? What is right? What is the thing?

Doing something is better than doing nothing if it were possible in the first place to do nothing. How close to nothingness is it possible to get?

I’m about to  – that’s if I decide I’m doing the right thing – take up a place at the University of Liverpool.

Going back to my roots yeah

Back down to earth.


Abercromby Square is where it’s at, or it may be if I do the thing – right or wrong.

The Square with the Sentinel.

The elegance of Regency England peered at by the smirking absurdity of Paddy’s Wigwam. The Philosopy Department cogitates behind the Doric columns whilst the left footers genuflect beneath the truncated pyramid, where religion in the round is much much more than a strange loop, and every frustum longs to be a cone…

We walked from Abercromby Square down the hill to the docks.

The day dazzled and deluded locals swam in the new canal link, which was the colour of Guinness with the frothy head thrown in for free. All the lifebelts were thrown in too. Orange polos bobbing in stout.

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