Posted by: okathleen | October 18, 2009

Lady Lever

Over to Port Sunlight on the Wirral Peninsula. Not quite as glamourous as it sounds, as the motorway grunts past the outlet village and the oil refinery and a broken down town centre. But then here is Port Sunlight. One man’s hobby. A toy village of mock Tudor/Georgian/Rustic houses for the good of his workers. They had cricket and golf, and a school and healthcare, not to mention a 6 hour working day in the soap factory before returning to the Marie Antoinette land of the North West.


The Lady Lever Art Gallery, was built by Viscount Leverhulme in honour of his wife. He was a man before his time? His tag line was ‘Art Inspires’, and he built the Gallery for the enjoyment of his employees.

So that’s the latest item on my wish list. If your husband loves you enough forget the garage flowers and new frying pan, only an Art Gallery will do.


A mausoleum of stuff.

Lever’s Aladdin’s cave. An A to Zoffany of objets.  I was stunned.

The Gainsboroughs and the Millais’, The Stubbs’ and the Reynolds. It was fabulous.

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