Posted by: okathleen | May 14, 2009

Margaret Tait

She was a Doctor in Edinburgh before she got the calling. 

The calling to become poet and film maker. Her films are poems. What does that mean?


How can a film be a poem? Well, why not? A poem can be a film.

Couplets of images and visual trickery, we conjure sights and scenes in the mind’s eye.


With Tait’s films her subject matter becomes poetic, the juxtaposition of shots becomes lyrical, a rhythm to lull the mind, or focus it down, right down.

We have to look:

“an apple is no less intense than the sea, a bee no less astonishing than a forest”


  1. Its good to know other people are reading margaret tait – I only knew the poetry until today having picked up “origins and elements”quite randomly from a second hand bookstall – didn’t realise she did films as well . It’s amazing stuff.

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